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Where is Ray Palmer?

At the end of Arrow Season 3, Ray Palmer was getting more comfortable with his superhero duties, and his suit was pretty much fully functional.  He had even helped Oliver with the final battle to save Star City’s soul.  Then, during a test in his lab, something went terribly wrong and he was in the middle of a massive explosion.

Ray Palmer was presumed to be dead and in Season 4 is still presumed that way.  Since Ray Palmer died, and apparently listed Felicity as next in charge in the event of his death, Felicity inherited Palmer Technologies and all of his CEO duties.  Once Oliver and Felicity were drawn back into the city for good, Felicity has been pretty active in each episode.  Last episode she even took up arms and fought which was pretty awesome.  Well, there was also a brief scene where Felicity was in Curtis Holt’s lab and her phone started acting up and spelled out her name.  It was a quick moment, but was definitely impactful.

This anomaly with Felicity’s phone was no doubt a due to Ray Palmer.  Now, the typical thing people are claiming is that Ray Palmer is either in Felicity’s phone, or is in the lab still in his miniaturized state.  Not only would that be too easy, it would be pretty lame.  We believe that Ray Palmer was not necessarily stuck in a permanent miniaturized state, we believe he was actually transported to another Earth in the multiverse.  It could be Earth 2, but it could be Earth Z for all we know.  The point is, if he was in the lab or building the entire time, he would have surely tried to make contact with so many people through their monitors or phones that he should have been discovered at this point.  The key is to Ray Palmer’s location and recent messages to Felicity lay within The Flash‘s story line.  Right now, Flash is explaining how there are breaches all over that connect different worlds together due to the Flash opening the portal last season.  It would be absolutely absurd to believe that a black hole opening over a city would only affect that one city.  Not to mention, the two shows have a really consistent habit of crossing over characters and mentions and both will soon be lending characters to a joint spin-off Legends of Tomorrow.  Since the breaches are open, but difficult to travel through, ray has been able to send communication but not find a way to make it back to Star City yet.   Our guess is that Ray Palmer’s return will be somehow discovered or paved by The Flash this season.

So where is Ray Palmer?  He is on another Earth in the multiverse.

What do you think?  Are we on to something?  Let us know in the comments, and as always, share with your friends!

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