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Thor: Ragnarok will deliver the Planet Hulk movie we deserve.. [THEORY]

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Now, for today’s theory!  

Thor: Ragnarok is going to either set up or actually be the Planet Hulk that the fans have yearning for for ages!  You got that right, we are making that claim, and we believe we sway your opinions with some evidence and detective work!

First off, we start back at the beginning.  Thor came out and introduced the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the greater reaches of space, more specifically the 9 realms.  While the movie itself under performed, compared to the other MCU properties, it served this function very well.  The ‘myth’ of Thor and his powers are explained away as undiscovered science.  Thus making it possible for any of our homely heroes to eventually take a trip to any of these 9 Realms.


While introducing the Bifrost’s “rainbow bridge”, or an Einstein-Rosen Bridge, they also managed to plant the seeds for travel between realms by other means.  Loki was able to conceal and sneak some Frost Giants into Asgard undetected without the Bifrost.  At the time of the film, the method was left unexplained.

In Thor: The Dark World this is taken a bit further.   The existence of the Convergence links these 9 Realms even closer together, through phenomenons that are again explained away as science that we don’t yet fully understand (unless you are Jane Foster or Dr. Erik Selvig).



In addition, The Dark World expanded and explained how Loki was able to sneak Frost Giants into Asgard and he also managed to help Thor and Jane Foster travel to Svartalfheim to try to defeat the Dark Elves.


So more pieces of the puzzle were explained, but seeds were also planted with some small cameos.  In the opening scene, Thor is battling a huge rock monster and he easily destroys him.  These rock monsters are called ‘Kronans’.


So, what does this have to do with Planet Hulk? Well, nothing by itself.  But let’s cover the Planet Hulk story for a quick second so you can see where we are going with this.

Korg vs the Kronan from The Dark World

Korg vs the Kronan from The Dark World

A big part of the existing Planet Hulk storylines, is Korg.  Korg is the biggest ally to Hulk and is in fact a Kronan.  During the conceptual phase of Thor: The Dark World, other characters were developed but then not used who bared extremely close resemblances to Hulk’s Warbound team of allies in Planet Hulk.

In fact, at the time of Thor: The Dark World, the internet was a buzz with conspiracies that Marvel was going to announce a Planet Hulk movie for the next phase and cited these items as evidence to support the claim.  These were not bad claims, but as we know, they turned out not to be true…. Or did they?

First up, there was a Kaifi Marauder character that was drawn up and never used.  These character seems to be close if not direct nod to the Sakaaran Imperial Gladiator who is a member of the Warbound team, Elloe Kaifi.  Take a look.


So while we believe the Kaifi Marauder is a direct nod to Elloe Kaifi, the next example is almost impossible to deny.  There was an Oldstrong Marauder character that was drawn up that is identical to Caiera the Oldstrong who is an extremely important character who eventually joins Hulk as his wife and Queen!

The concept artist was also commissioned to develop a Korbonite Marauder which is the same species as Beta Rey Bill!  Not to mention, the opening scene of Guardians of the Galaxy featured what looked like a Korbonite Skeleton.

Also for your reference, here are some pictures of the Hulk’s team members.

So most of the major players have been planted or at least designed for use in the MCU, they just haven’t been used yet.   Now, we previously pointed out that no Planet Hulk movie was announced, but we did cover in an earlier post that Marvel confirmed that the Hulk and Thor would team up for a movie.  So one possibility is that Thor: Ragnarok is going to set us up for the Planet Hulk movie that would surely go BONKERS in the box office.   Otherwise, it very well may be a somewhat bait-and-switch hybrid that would be more of a Planet Hulk story than a Ragnarok story.  Given how the Thor movies have let us down in comparison to the other properties so far, this could very well be the case.   Either way, we are STOKED to see Thor and Hulk teaming up together!