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This part of last night's episode of Flash is really bugging me

If you did not watch the episode yet, beware of spoilers!


For the most part, last night’s episode of The Flash was pretty good.  ‘Family of Rogues’ was a pretty interesting episode that introduced Captain Cold’s father “Colonel Cold” and killed him in the same episode.  We had a weird relationship unravel and at the same time grow between The Flash and Captain Cold as they don’t exactly seem to be allies but are also not exactly enemies.  It is pretty weird at the moment.  However, we were left with some developments that were pretty interesting.

  • First off, Jay Garrick is going to stick around for more of the season, even though he had a way to get home in this episode.  It seemed that Caitlin Snow did some pretty subtle flirtatious convincing which is kind of messed up considering her husband “died” just a couple months ago.

Caitlin Snow and Jay Garrick from an earlier episode

  • Dr. Stein seems to be slipping back into the Firestorm matrix even without Ronnie.  This likely has something to do with the breaches in the city as Ronnie is probably not dead, but on the other side of the breaches in Jay Garrick’s world.

  • Cisco got some action from Captain Cold’s sister.  We are happy for Cisco.


  • Barry seems to be getting better at the whole “superhero” thing and he is showing maturity in that he can’t be easily intimidated or riled up.
  • At the very end, it looks as though Harrison Wells is back in Earth 1, as he came through one of the breaches.  Is it Wells, Thawne, Zoom?  We shall see.

And then.. there is this little problem.. that is really really killing us.

Detective West reveals to Barry and Iris that he has lied to Iris her entire life by telling her that her mother was dead.  His lie of course, is that she is not dead, and she is still alive and in the same city.  She was a drug addict and he felt that he needed to lie to her and then once he lied, he didn’t know how to come clean.   So not only is that REALLY MESSED UP…. What I think is the most unbelievable part of this entire show, not a guy who runs like lightning, or a man who lights on fire and flies, the most ridiculous part of this entire show is the fact that Iris is completely fine with the news.   WHAT?  Your father told you your mother was dead your entire life!  How are you just simply ok with that?

I don’t know.. It lost me there, but as with anything we shall definitely forgive it.  Plus, this is probably just a convoluted way for them to introduce Wally West and have an explanation for why he hasn’t been in the picture up to this point.  We are all for Wally West.