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THEORY: Who will be in the grave at the end of this season of 'Arrow'?

For those of you who did not watch this last episode of Arrow, “Restoration”, this theory includes minor spoilers regarding this episode.

At the beginning of the season, Oliver is standing at a grave as he mourns the person who is presumed to be laying below his feet.  Barry Allen, The Flash, appears and has a conversation with Oliver about how he is sorry that he did not make the funeral because he was too busy fighting Zoom.   Well, that conversation and moment at the grave was teased as happening 6 months in the future.  So fans have been left with a cliff-hanger that is bound to last the entire season.

So the question is, who exactly is in the grave?   We have a theory.


Oliver and Barry looking down at a fresh grave

In the second episode, we find out that Thea is having serious aggression issues that are a side effect of being resurrected by The Lazarus Pits.  This is something that Oliver apparently knew about, but was keeping from Thea as he was hoping that it was not going to come true.   So long story short, we know that Laurel tells Thea that they are going to Nanda Parbat with Sara Lance’s corpse so that they can find a way to fix Thea’s problem and also resurrect Sara.

Speedy is beginning to have way too much fun

That brings us to tonight’s episode and some minor spoiler issues. If you have already seen it or don’t mind minor spoilers, click on the headings below to expand our theory!


Now, we think there are three possible outcomes to this situation, but only one is really likely.  So we will present the least likely ones first.  All three options still revolves completely around Sara Lance.  The trailer and preview to this episode already showed viewers that she being resurrected, so this should not be a surprise.  Plus, everybody should know by now that she is set to cross over to ‘The Legends of Tomorrow’.  So her resurrection and departure from Star City are obviously inevitable.  This season needs to set this up somehow.  So here are 3 ways it could be done.


Now some of you are going to say that Oliver’s reaction is far too emotional for it to be anyone other than Felicity.   You might be right.

giphy (1)

However, this would not help the crossover / spin-off agenda, it would alienate so many fans of Felicity as well as ‘Olicity’ fans.  Plus, she is far too important to Team Arrow to just discard unless you plan on having Mr. Terrific as the Team’s tech support guy.  Even still, she is far too important a character to fans to kill off in this manner.

Well, there you have it.  Are we on to something?  Which option is the most likely?  Let us know in the comments, and as always if you have your own theories, we encourage you to post it up by clicking “Submit A Post”.


  • Kshitij Ozarkar

    My bet is on Sara too, but my explanation differs…….and here’s how….,

    The flashforward said 6 months after, so it would be around April. And Legends… starts Jan, and probably end around April-may itself, as it is a mini-series. So what I think is, that she might appear in legends for a significant amount of episodes and then die during last couple of eps.
    Yes, there is a lot of time travel involved in LOT, but still I think this is a better possibility.
    And to back more the Sara theory, Oliver says, ‘there was a time when I thought all this was my fault’ , referencing the first time he thought she died on the Queen’s Gambit, maybe.

    And your double death- double resurrection theory sounds kinda lame, and would be too much. Is what I think.