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SHIELD – Recap and Theories… Could this be Lash's identity?

Last night, Agents of Shield’s S3 Ep4’Devils You Know’ aired and it was definitely spectacular.  The best part of this series is how the writers and producers do not let things hang as long as they used to.  The story lines hit and progress forward quickly and it has really begun to keep fans guessing.   Now if you have not seen this episode yet, here is your warning.  SPOILERS.





So, what just happened.  Well, as we predicted in our preview, Coulson is definitely getting a little too comfortable with the ATCU.  This is was obvious but it was also overly teased and kind of under delivered.  The ATCU and Rosalind only made 2 brief appearances that honestly didn’t have much to do with the plot of this episode.  There is definitely more developing down the line, but there were no significant new developments here.

Lash is looking more dangerous than ever.  The episode begins with Lash taking out a group of Inhumans that Daisy, Mack, and a new team-member Alisha.  Alisha appears to be an Inhuman as she seems to have the power to project a manifestation of herself that is able to interact and even fight people in a remote location.  This was a pretty interesting power, but we didn’t see much of her after this scene.  Lash is clearly a force to be reckoned with and Daisy is out to stop him, even though she is clearly no match for him.  The interactions led to Daisy doing more research and finding a link to Lash, a missing employee of the Social Security Administration, and the ATCU.  Daisy believes the ATCU knows more than they have been sharing with Coulson, and Coulson is hard to read.

Lash Killing a guard from earlier this season

Jemma’s story is progressing pretty fast, although there was not a lot of time spent on her.  Basically, we found out that she has been studying the portal, and trying to find out where the planet was that she was on last.  At the end of the episode she tells Fitz that she has to go back and needs his help, and that she has a lot more to tell him about that place.  We have some thoughts on this that we will get to a little later.

The Hunter, May and Ward story was escalated much quicker than we anticipated.  This was definitely a surprise for us.  Hunter was already being introduced to Hydra’s ‘Director’ (Ward) in this episode, which is something that we expected would happen much later.  This was a surprise and it quickly led to a firefight that required backup from May.

Hunter taking cover as Ward threatens Andrew’s life.

So this is where things started heating up.  Shortly before this shootout, May was at HQ and had a pretty emotional exchange with Andrew.  Andrew made it clear that he is still in love with May and he wanted to explain what happened in Hawaii when he just disappeared on her.  May wasn’t having any of that and she stormed away from him.   So back to the firefight.  Hunter and May are taking cover, and Ward shows a live video to May that shows that Hydra has eyes on Andrew.  Ward threatens to kill Andrew if May and Hunter do not leave and allow Ward to have an entire warehouse of weapons in the process.   Despite May’s pleadings, Hunter decides to act despite Andrew’s life being in the balance.  Ward is chased away and shot in the back as he jumped out the window.  He is presumed to be fine.

Knowing that Andrew was surrounded by Hydra Agents in a convenience store, we see a lot of blood and a body dressed in similar clothes to what Andrew had as gas leaks towards flame.  The convenience store blows up and the only presumed survivor is the young Strucker.   The SHIELD team that was trying to get to the store to help Andrew was then ambushed and it turns out it was Lash.   The team had an Inhuman assistant to Lash in custody and Lash efficiently disposed of him.  While the entire team was incapacitated, Daisy saw a shadow of Lash leaving the scene and it is discovered that he transforms back into a normal human form in order to get away.

So that is what we know and what stuck out during the episode.


What does all this mean?

Jemma & The Other World

Well, first, we want to point something out about Jemma’s situation.  We had some recent theories, regarding Jemma’s journey and the potential that Trip could still be alive.  After this episode, we are definitely doubling down on the potential in this theory.  Jemma is clearly trying to get back to that world and if Trip was over there, we would definitely understand her urgency.  We do have some important information to point out however,  it seems that this season is not the first time this world has been seen on the show.  A reddit user pointed this out, and we concur.  In Season 1 Episode 9 “Repairs”, while investigating an explosion, they found the remnants of a portal that left them with an image of a world.

Compare this with the world that we saw Simmons on this season.

The color hue is the only thing that doesn’t match, but that could easily be a day/night issue, or an issue stemming from the fact that the first image is a hologram.  Either way, to us this is definitely that world.  The similarities are far too great.   So what does this mean?   Well in “Repairs” there was a man that was being transported to and from this world which he described as “Hell”, or perhaps “Hel”.  He eventually wound up being transported back to that world permanently.  This means that the Obelisk is not the only mode of transportation to this world.  This means that there is a potential to any theories that would include any other characters who may have also been transported to this island.  So the only question is to answer is.  Does Simmons want to go back to rescue those people? Or does she feel some guilt from potentially having to do some unsavory things while over there in order to survive?   We shall have to wait and see.


Lash is Andrew?

The biggest potential spoiler / theory we have from this episode is that we believe we have an idea about what is going on with Lash.  We believe that Lash is in fact Andrew.  This would make some sense and it has been tossed around on Reddit as well.  Think about it.  Andrew and May split up because in Hawaii (After the Terrigen Crystal spill), Andrew just vanished without any notice and he left May alone.  If he was exposed to the Terrigen, he could have changed and would have had a pretty understandable reason for leaving.  This also would explain why Lash knows where all of the Inhumans are and why he is able to get there first.  Andrew has access to all of these things.

I know… Mind blown!

That also brings up the fact that we didn’t really see any identifying parts of the body in the convenience store.  It seems like Andrew could still easily be alive.  Plus, it looked like young Strucker left the building in an intense hurry and he looked extremely frightened.  Now on first viewing, one might write this off as a simple situation where a kid is nervous about taking steps that he wasn’t quite ready for, and possibly.  However it makes a lot more sense that Andrew could have turned into Lash, taken care of business, and let Strucker live.  After all, Strucker was his student, so he might have felt like he should let him live.

This makes a lot of sense, but if you are not buying the “Andrew is Lash” thing, then it could still be that Andrew is in fact an Inhuman and he might have left Hawaii because Lash was after him.  These are all possibilities, but our money is on Andrew being Lash.  Why not?

What do you think?  Let us know in the comments and thanks for reading.   If you want to post your own theories, just remember to register for a free account and click “Submit A Post”.  We want to hear from you!

  • Charles Joseph Garidel

    Theres also the fact that Lash saw Daisy and didnt kill her…another big hint towards your theory.

    • Trip Lawrence

      You know, I thought of that today while talking in the office! Thank you, I am not the only crazy one!