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Questions about tonight's episode of Arrow

The new episode of Arrow airs tonight.  Season 4 Episode 3 “Restoration” will pick up where we last left off.  Damien Darhk is still positioning himself and HIVE in order to destroy Star City.  The plot synopsis for this article reads:

The growing tension between Oliver and Diggle puts both their lives at risk when they go after Damien Darhk and a H.I.V.E. deployed meta-human. Meanwhile, Laurel talks Thea into returning to Nanda Parbat to ask her father to put Sara into the Lazarus Pit. However, Laurel is surprised when Nyssa refuses to do it.

But we think there is going to be a whole lot more going on.   The promos have revealed that that we will be seeing some awesome new villains in this episode.   Double Down, for example, is making is Live Action debut tonight.  If you don’t know who Double Down is, he is like a crazy cross between The Joker, and Marvel’s Gambit.



We should also be seeing Baron Reiter / Baron Blitzkreig tonight as well.  He is billed for this episode on IMDB, and we can’t wait to see how he is going to mix into this season.  Is he working with Darhk and HIVE or is he a lone contributor to the massive chaos that is bound to unload on Star City this season?
We will have to find out.

So, the questions we are hoping to have answered for us tonight are:

  • Lazarus Pit
    • Will Malcolm revive Sara Lance?
    • How bad would Sara be after being dead for so long?
    • Can Speedy’s condition be addressed using the Lazarus pits?
  • Will Mr. Terrific discover Team Arrow’s secrets?
  • When will we see Ray Palmer’s return?
  • Will Anarchy return this season?

These are some of our questions, as we have some season long thoughts and theories we are working on and will be posting shortly. Stay tuned and watch the preview for tonight’s Arrow below: